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Meet Oana Stoica, a 34 year old young woman from Zlatna, Romania. Her life is nothing but a long chain of pain and suffering.  She suffers from a cruel disease, called dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, which affects her skin. Due to this disease, Oana’s body is covered with flesh wounds that appear randomly and produce a lot of pain. After a while the wounds heal and other fresh ones appear.

Everything started when she was just a child. She had no childhood. The doctors diagnosed her when she was six and the disease has been haunting her ever since. She practically learned to live with the illness, in a continuous pain. She sometimes prays to God to end her suffering and to take her in Heavens where there’s no pain.

Painkillers ease her pain, but they are expensive and she has to take them all the time.  She always has to be bandaged, because her wounds are opened and they might infect. Unfortunately this awful disease caused Oana to lose her fingers. Now she needs even more help. Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa has no cure known to man.

However, there is hope!

She can get a specialized care which slows down the progression of her disease but it can be done in Germany (Romania does not offer this kind of service). Unfortunately, to get the care in the clinic from Germany, she’ll have to pay €250 / day, a large sum of money. She must benefit at least 2 months of this care. At least €10.000 is needed. Her handicap pension is barely enough for her to buy bandages and painkillers every month.

Oana needs our help…

How can we help Oana?

This humanitarian campaign is a little bit special and different from other humanitarian campaigns because we proposed to run and to… sell kilometers. We’ve created a team in different cities of Romania and we run. We keep in touch using our Facebook Volunteer Group and at the end of the day, Adrian, the coordinator of this campaign, sums all the kilometers, from each volunteer and add them to our campaign page. Everybody can join the team.

So, in order to help Oana you can either buy our kilometers for €1 / KM or you can join our running team. We could better use buyers because the KM are easy to raise compared to euros. Fortunately there are a lot of good willing volunteers.

We want to run and sell 5000 KM in 2014 and help Oana go in Germany to get her specialized care!

To help Oana we must sell as many KM as possible and as fast as possible, because her health condition is critical. Tens of skin wounds appear, as other heal and the pain is hard to bear, even if she is a strong woman. Consider your contribution a double investment. We promote a healthy life to many youth that join our team. We run together and we fight against obesity, diabetes and other health diseases caused by the sedentariness of our generation.

Together we can help Oana to start a new life.

To help Oana please fill the next form. After you click the submission button, you will receive the required information for completing the donation and the purchase of KM. Thank you very much! You are a true man!

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